The most important fact you will hear in 2017 is …

phone01.. well, before I tell you, let me say that:

  • two out of every three of your customers have a smart phone
  • in the last 12 months these phones have changed the way your customers think about  your website
OK. Here is the most important fact …

Your customers want to contact you on their phone.

This is true because …
  1. Their phone is very convenient for them.
    It’s always in their pocket or purse. They can go to your website at any time. And they will.
  2. The screen on their phone is pin-sharp.
    It’s so good that right from their “tiny”phone screen they can look you up, buy from you, make bookings, send you questions, upload an photos or info you want from them … their phone has become their communication hub. With you and everyone else. (Except grandma.)

OK … so what?

This is important. Because now your customers want to use their smart phones to go to your website.

Unfortunately, your web site is probably not mobile-friendly and looks terrible on a phone. (Most of them do.)

  • The text is impossibly tiny.
  • A customer can only move around your site  by pinching and swishing around with their big stubby finger.

If your site is not easy to read on their phone, your customers will either:

  • reverse out of your site and try your competitor’s website, or
  • stay on your site, but with gritted teeth.
Even worse, Google will punish you if your site is not mobile-friendly

You thought Google was the Good Guy? Always listing only the good websites with genuine information and content?

Well, from 21 April 201 6 Google has been pushing your site DOWN the listings if it’s not mobile-friendly and people are searching for your products on their phone. From now on Google will be your Bad Guy if your website looks bad on a mobile. Even if your site has good content and information!

However … there’s a way to turn this to your advantage

You can make this work for you

Your customers are using their phones to get to your site. So business opportunities are opening up before your very eyes.

You now have a unique opportunity to sell more.  Across the Internet.
Make your site look good on a phone: Call me and I’ll set you up so when your customer goes to your website on their mobile, they (and google!) will automatically see a fantastic phone-friendly version of your site.

Give your customers an app: Take selling and getting customer feedback to the next level. Ask me to build you an app. Give it to your customers and watch the magic!

And finally, advertise on Google: Run Google ads that reach the right people without paying a cent more than you have to.Ask me to manage your Google adWords for you..