Three ways I’ll bring you ready-to-buy buyers

(1) I’ll turn your Google advertising into a well-oiled machine that pumps out buyers

I can turn a lack-lustre Google adwords campaign into a very (very!) satisfying flow of inquiries and business. Let me take over the weekly management of your Google advertising and you will see it lift to the next level.

I can do this because I will only take you on as a client if my research shows you are in a business that CAN make google adwords work. And if your account is not heading strongly into the black within six short weeks, just ask me and I will refund my management fee. No questions asked. (And that monthly charge is modest.)

Ask me about adwords advertising on Google.
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(2) I’ll build you a mobile phone app for your business that will turn your best customers into your most loyal buyers and promoters

For businesses with a firm repeat business base, apps really work. You give the app to your customers and two powerful things happen: you can gently keep in touch, and they can contact you fast.

Through the app you will build a reputation and become highly valued with offers, reminders, promotions, expert help, a listening ear (or email address) …

Right now your regular buyers are praying you will develop an app. I’ll develop it for you, at a price you can afford, and through the app your best customers will build an even stronger, deeper tie with your business.

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(3) I’ll re-make your website so Google approves of it and your buyers love both the design and the way it fits so well on their phone screen

phone01Google has begun to penalize business websites that are not mobile phone friendly. Google pushes them down the search rankings and increasingly pushes them off the top spots on the Google search page.

Your competitor has not noticed this. Their site has still got the design that was great when everyone looked at the web on desktops and laptops. Now more than half of your ready-to-buy customers go to website on their phones.

I will get your website looking great on BOTH laptops AND mobile phone screens. This will make your customers and the Google search algorithm happy.

Ask me about redesigning your website so it looks good on both laptops and phones.
I’m easy to talk to.

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